Multi-Clean® Multi-Task™ Wall Mount Dispenser

Multi-Clean® Multi-Task™ Wall Mount Dispenser

Item # MC421700

  • Easily and securely dispense Multi-Task concentrates. Fill spray bottles, buddy jugs, mop buckets, auto scrubbers, and carpet extraction equipment.
  • Quick and easy dispensing of two different products
  • Six foot hose with hanger for filling mop buckets
  • Locking cabinet can hold 2 bottles
Alternate #421700

Training is made easy with the simple push button activation, multi-lingual directions, pre-tipped product containers, number and color coded labeling.

Call for pricing.  Special discounts available with chemical purcase.

  • Dedicated button design means no dials or manual changes needed prior to dispensing.
  • Dispensing buttons lock for hands free dispensing into mop buckets and auto scrubbers.
  • Hose for filling RTU bottles.
  • Two Multi-Task[TM] units can easily be connected to form a four button unit with no additional parts needed.
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