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Drain & Sewer Maintenance


Spartan Bloc-Aid® Drain and Sewer Cleaner - Qt.

Bright red, ready-to-use, non-acid, liquid drain and sewer cleaner plus maintainer. Does not contain corrosive acids. pH 13.5.  Qt., 12/cs

Alternate #7380
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Liquid-Plumr® Drain Opener - 32 oz.

Strong bleach-based formula acts fast on drains that are partially clogged with organic materials.  32 oz., 9/cs

Alternate #00242
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Drano® Liquid Clog Remover - 32 oz.

Simple to use and safe for all pipes, it works on both kitchen and bathroom clogs. Contains a special ingredient to protect pipes from corrosion. Wont' harm pipes when used overnight. Starts working to break down clogs on contact.  32 oz., 12/cs

Alternate #CB001169
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Drano® Max Gel Clog Remover Professional Strength - 80 oz.

Pours through standing water and works fast to restore your drains to their free-flowing state. Formulated thick to dissolve the toughest clogs fast. Pours through water straight to the clog. Won't harm pipes when used overnight.  80 oz., 6/cs

Alternate #CB401099
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Misty® Halt Liquid Drain Opener - Qt.

This powerful, highly concentrated, ready-to-use, alkaline drain opener and maintainer may be used to clear clogged drains of organic matter, hair, paper, grease, and oils. As a drain maintainer, it can keep drain lines clear & free flowing and reduce offensive odors which are emitted by rancid matter in the drain lines. This alkaline drain opener works by saponification of grease and oil, turning them from hard, insoluble matter into soft, soapy-like material which is soluble in water. Note: Do not use this product with any other type of chemical.  Qt., 12/cs

Alternate #B0099312Q
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Liquid Plumr® Heavy Duty Clog Remover - 80 fl. oz.

Unique thick formula goes through standing water straight to the clog. Safe for disposals, septic tanks and plastic pipes. Won't harm pipes but tough on soils. Ready-to-use formula cuts mixing time to save labor costs. Saves costly service calls to unclog drains.  80 fl. oz., 6/cs

Alternate #35286
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Nyco Drain Solve Liquid Caustic Drain Opener - Qt.

This alkaline based drain opener is a highly concentrated formulation intended to dissolve and remove obstructions which cause clogged drains. Removes grease, hairs, paper, food particles, rags, and other organic materials. Surfactant aided caustic quickly penetrates, loosens and dissolves obstructions to eliminate plumbing problems, clogged drains and prevent water damage from overflowing sinks, tubs, etc. Breaks down grease to quickly restore water flow and full draining action. Liquid formulation is easier to use and does not have the fuming ‘back-up' odors associated with many dry powder/crystal products. Dissolves instantly for fast action even in cold stagnant water. Will not harm plumbing or pipes. Fast acting, odorless, non-fuming, alkaline drain opener. Dissolves hair, grease, vegetable and organic matter to get drains flowing quickly. Saves plumbing time and effort. Ready-To-Use; USDA: L1.  Qt., 12/cs

Alternate #N013-Q12
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