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Carpet Deodorizer


Spartan Contempo® Carpet Refresher - 20 oz.

A white, fragrant, mousse-like-foam, aerosol carpet refresher. It only takes five-minutes to freshen carpets. No vacuuming needed. Spring shower fresh fragrance. 12 per case; Net weight 17 oz.  20 oz. Can, 12/cs

Alternate #6410
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Arm & Hammer® Carpet & Room Allergen Reducer - 42.6 oz.

Specifically designed, with regular use, to remove allergens and eliminate odors at the source, carpeting. Eliminates up to 80% of allergens from carpeting.  42.6 oz., 9/cs

Alternate #33200-84113
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Host® Smoke-X® Deodorant - 8 oz

Chemical action destroys bad odors by attacking odor-causing molecules instead of just masking them. Removes strong odors like urine and smoke. Superb for nursing homes.  8 oz, 12/cs

Alternate #C860
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Fresh Odor Out Rug & Room Deodorant

Available in Bouquet and Lemon. Eliminates carpet and room odors, freshens the entire area. Lightweight and non-abrasive. Safe for carpets and vacuums. Absorbs liquids on hard surfaces.

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Carpet Fresh® Professional Room & Carpet Freshener - 20 oz

Eliminates even the strongest clinging and lingering odors to clean and refresh entire rooms. Use in public spaces, hotel rooms, offices, and automobiles. Just spray it on, no vacuuming! Quick drying foam disappears and dries under 5 minutes.  20 oz, 12/cs

Alternate #280300
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Shakedown Powder For Rugs

Powdered odor eliminator counteracts room and carpet odors while vacuuming. Can also be sprinkled into trash cans or wherever odors exist. Lemon fragrance. 15-oz. shaker can. 12 cans per case. CS

Alternate #PURK600493
Add to Cart $54.82/CS